Video marketing: 4 ideas to help grab and hold a viewer’s attention

Posted: 6/11/2018

By Sean Ferguson

We live in a world of convenience.

Whether it’s online shopping, ordering food or reading the latest headlines, we want information as quick and easy as possible. The same can be said for video marketing. In an ever-changing landscape, video production and marketing are starting to steal the seats from others at the digital marketing dinner table.

According to HubSpot, 54% percent of consumers want to see videos from the brands and businesses they support and align with.

Scroll through your timeline on any of the top social media platforms. How many videos do you see being posted or shared? In a quick run through of the first 20 posts that popped up, I saw 9 that contained video. Topics and images included animals, cooking and the NBA.

How many times do you stop and watch these various videos? If it’s a topic that I’m interested in (or Facebook thinks I’m interested in), I will stop scrolling and watch happily. If it’s a topic that doesn’t fall into one of my interests but still catches my eye, I’ll watch that one, too.

Video will continue to grow in popularity in the social media and digital marketing worlds. And we, as marketers, need to make sure we are producing good content that’s both relevant and memorable.

Below are four thoughts to consider to improve your next social media video project:

·        Use multi-camera angles: Watching the same angle during a video can become boring. When shooting a video, it is wise to set up with two or more cameras. It will add a little time to the editing process, but the final product is well worth it. Here at the Houck Agency, we have applied this concept to our Faces of the Trade features for NECA-IBEW Electricians Mahoning Valley.

·        Storyboard when possible: Have a general idea in your mind what images you want to capture. Storyboarding doesn’t have to be difficult. Rough sketches or stick figures can work. It’s all about planning ahead and being prepared. If you have time, visit the shooting location ahead of filming to find the best angles and areas.

·        B-Roll footage is essential: As stated above, the one-shot camera angle can be mundane. In addition to multiple angles, B-roll can provide a viewer with a distinct visual of subjects the interviewee is discussing. And always remember, there’s no such thing as too much B-roll.

·        Prep interview subjects: Make sure whomever you are interviewing or is presenting information in the video is ready and prepared for the shoot. You don’t want to waste valuable time and dollars with multiple takes that could otherwise be avoided.

As you get ready for your next production, these practices can help elevate your video and attract more eyeballs. If you’re looking to capture your audience’s attention with video, contact Houck Agency. We look forward to helping tell your story.