It wasn’t me. I swear.

Posted: 2/4/2016

Want to get hundreds of LinkedIn profile views from peers and potential clients from around the country?

One way is to get mentioned in AdWeek for something scandalous – and stupid – you did as creative director for a global ad agency.

Another way is to share the same name and work in the same industry as said ne’er-do-well.

Here I was thinking for a moment my “Resolve not to be late in 2016” blog went viral on a marketing website. But no, it appears to be this.

I’m here to clarify – and to populate Google with my response – that it was a different “Jim Houck” who allegedly wrote the insensitive email. That was Jim Houck from San Antonio. I’m Jim Houck from Youngstown. I can assure you we only share the same name, not the same ignorant sense of humor.